Mission Statement
To treat our customers and their “Treasures” with the utmost care and respect. To enable our employees to provide excellent service above and beyond expectations. To ensure that the only surprises our customers receive are pleasant ones.


What to give the person who "has everything"? We all seem to have this dilemma and the many useless gadgets, gold golf balls etc. seem destined to be "re-gifted" over and over. Why not give something that will truly be treasured for generations to come, particularly as these treasures are often sitting unused in our homes, or drawing dust in attics and basements. The perfect gift may well be grandfather's desk, a relative’s favorite chair or the dining room table that your children grew up with. Pianos often have tremendous sentimental value as do bedroom sets and the many other reminders of fond childhood memories. Not a day passes that we don't hear dozens of stories regarding heirlooms that people have hoped to bring into their homes but never found the time, the means or the company to enable the delivery. Not only are these items treasured by the recipients...thanks to Moving Treasures they can be the easiest gifts you have ever sent as the only effort required on your part is the call you make to our toll free number. We believe these items are truly "priceless" gifts to the recipients and represent the true meaning of a gift where the thought will never be forgotten.

Every employee at Moving Treasures understands not only how important these items are to your family and friends, but also how important the presentation of these gifts can be. As a result Moving Treasures is proud to offer our Ultimate Gift program. Simply tell our representative you would like your item included in the Ultimate Gift program and we will ensure a complementary bow is attached along with any gift card you care to include when your item is picked up. Our representative will also help you enjoy the element of surprise with your gift giving by scheduling the delivery as a surprise gift from you both over the phone and when our experienced delivery men put it in place inside the home, unwrap it carefully and give it a quick final polish. Your ultimate gift can be anything from a one of a kind piece of art, a rare antique or your childhood piano to a family heirloom being passed down from generation to generation. This item is extremely important to you and if you have ever dropped an heirloom or scratched the wood on a valuable old antique, you know the heartsick feeling that follows. It makes sense that you would want the shipping of your gift to be entrusted only to professionals experienced in such deliveries. Moving Treasures is your choice to handle these precious items with the merit they deserve. Call or email us today and let Moving Treasures allow you to give the Ultimate Gift.
    professional packaging, expert care in handling             & direct shipping

  • What is it that makes Moving Treasures, Inc. different from any other supplier when shipping your precious items?
  • Expertly trained and professional staff.
  • Skillful packing of your item.
  • Direct door-to-door delivery with extremely high levels of care en route.
  • Flexible shipping solutions to meet your needs, rather than our convenience.
  • A pricing structure that accurately reflects the initial quote supplied.
  • A two-hour window for pickup and delivery.