Mission Statement
To treat our customers and their “Treasures” with the utmost care and respect. To enable our employees to provide excellent service above and beyond expectations. To ensure that the only surprises our customers receive are pleasant ones.
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[a truly unique, high-potential franchise opportunity]
Moving Treasures transports small moves and items of high monetary or sentimental value, including antiques, pianos, medical and audio visual equipment, internet auction items and estate distributions. Unlike shipping brokers, moving companies or "crate and freight" shippers, the Moving Treasures Network ensures that all items are wrapped by specially trained packers. No item is ever freighted, palleted, or moved by a forklift – a rarity today! Moving Treasures operates in a dramatically underserved niche market, as evidenced by a rapid growth in the number of customers and the expansion of Moving Treasure's referral networks. Moving Treasures enjoys an incredible closure rate and many Moving Treasures customers increase their shipment size upon experiencing the unique service at pick-up - a testimony to the quality of their work. One advantage of franchising within this niche is the incentive for virtually every member of the shipping community to refer business that would otherwise be turned away. This is equally true for companies that ship smaller items (Mail Boxes Etc., Pack-Mail, etc.) and for the moving companies which typically handle only larger loads. Smaller auction houses, piano dealers and antique stores that deliver locally themselves utilize Moving Treasures for nationwide delivery. Moving Treasures has enabled estate attorneys and trust departments to offer the delivery of inherited items to multiple parties across the country and changed the customer bases of many small businesses from local to national. This market opportunity multiplies every time a franchise is added to the network.

Moving Treasures is developing its franchise network in 48 states across the USA. It combines their white glove service with their unique dispatching and business operations software and will be based on the concept of exclusive regions within each of these states.

John Hagood is Moving Treasure’s Director of Franchise Development. John has more than 26 years of experience in franchise development and has successfully established numerous profitable franchises. If you would like to discuss setting up a franchise with Moving Treasures Franchising, Inc, please contact our office or email at franchising@movingtreasures.com. We have a proven system that can work for you!
"I have never, to date, seen a business concept as unique and with so much potential...Moving Treasures is an excellent franchising opportunity for entrepreneurs who are looking for a unique business opportunity that offers an exceptional support mechanism to help the franchise grow."-

John S. Hagood,

CEO & Founder – -Franchise Consultants, Inc.
     unique franchise                               opportunity,
distinct benefits…

  • A limitless niche market that is dramatically underserved.
  • Works in small communities
  • High closure rate on sales inquiries.
  • Customers often increase order size during initial contact.
  • Business does not experience seasonal fluctuations.
  • Ability to build strong networks by complementing other businesses including shippers, packaging firms and estate attorneys
  • Extensive ongoing support for sales, operations and administration.
  • Market opportunity multiplies each and every time a franchise is added to the network.
  • White Glove service, hand in hand with unique dispatching and business operations software.