Mission Statement
To treat our customers and their “Treasures” with the utmost care and respect. To enable our employees to provide excellent service above and beyond expectations. To ensure that the only surprises our customers receive are pleasant ones.
giftThe perfect gift may well be grandfather's desk, a relative’s favorite chair or the dining room table that your children grew up with…
about us

What is Moving Treasures ?
Why use Moving Treasures?
With the “White Glove” service, how do you keep your prices affordable?
Is packing included in the quote?
Will the movers protect my shipment?
What about special items like heirlooms or antiques?
Are all small shipment movers equal?
Where does most of your business come from?
Why do I need a company like Moving Treasures to move a piano?
What are the payment options?
Can I insure my move?
How will I know when my items are coming?
    professional packaging, expert care in handling             & direct shipping

  • What is it that makes Moving Treasures, Inc. different from any other supplier when shipping your precious items?
  • Expertly trained and professional staff.
  • Skillful packing of your item.
  • Direct door-to-door delivery with extremely high levels of care en route.
  • Flexible shipping solutions to meet your needs, rather than our convenience.
  • A pricing structure that accurately reflects the initial quote supplied.
  • A two-hour window for pickup and delivery.