Mission Statement
To treat our customers and their “Treasures” with the utmost care and respect. To enable our employees to provide excellent service above and beyond expectations. To ensure that the only surprises our customers receive are pleasant ones.
giftWhat to give the person who "has everything"? Why not give something that will truly be treasured for generations to come
revolutionizing the shipping industry

[through a unique, customer focused approach]

Moving Treasures is a unique alliance of small shipment specialists, founded by several highly regarded industry leaders in the moving industry. We combine our efforts to bring the highest level of integrity and quality to each and every customer. Moving Treasures, the ideal solution for any small residential move or transporting of a high monetarily or sentimentally valued item that needs to be shipped anywhere in the continental United States. Moving Treasures specializes in transporting any small shipments with “White Glove” professional care from pick up to delivery.

Our customer service staff strives to be one of the best in the business. You'll be speaking with friendly, professional representatives who will enter your order quickly and monitor its progress through to completion. Your valued items will be handled by certified shipping specialists to ensure safety in throughout the transport. Moving Treasures takes pride in meeting our obligations of timely pick up and delivery with no surprises. Top quality service with competitive rates is what distinguishes Moving Treasures from the other small shipment movers.

The company was formed by experienced industry professionals Tab C. Binzel CEO of Moving Treasures, Gerald Cassidy and Jay Clitheroe, Owners of Sterling Van Lines, Chris Smith, CEO of Transit Systems Inc and Michael Boyd. We are building a network of service providers in a cooperative and non competitive environment to meet the small shipment and “White Glove” needs of the shipping public. The focus on quality care and professionalism from the initial inquiry through delivery is the principal on which Moving Treasures was founded. “If it is important to you, it is important to us” is not just a catchy statement but a genuine approach to every move for Moving Treasures.
    professional packaging, expert care in handling             & direct shipping

  • What is it that makes Moving Treasures, Inc. different from any other supplier when shipping your precious items?
  • Expertly trained and professional staff.
  • Skillful packing of your item.
  • Direct door-to-door delivery with extremely high levels of care en route.
  • Flexible shipping solutions to meet your needs, rather than our convenience.
  • A pricing structure that accurately reflects the initial quote supplied.
  • A two-hour window for pickup and delivery.